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Our Services


Why should I choose Spartan Financial Services Corp. as my premium financing company?  

  • PERSONALIZED SERVICES – We care that our policyholders and insurance agents feel that they are receiving a service of excellence, making them part of our family. The personalized service that we offer to our customers creates a family atmosphere, where we promote  good communication between all the parties, managing to resolve different  situations more efficiently.
  • INDEPENDENCE – SFSC has an independent structure by not being affiliated with any insurance agency, agent or insurance company. This guarantees strict confidentiality in the management of your account.
  • COMPETITIVENESS – SFSC is committed to offer a competitive interest rate that will guarantee immediate satisfaction by using our financial services.
  • TECHNOLOGY – Our state of the art secured web based system will provide you with the right tools to issue the financing contracts and be informed at all times about your accounts with our company.
  • TRUST  Our affiliates have been around for over 40 years in the premium financing industry, entrusting you to deposit your accounts in our hands.