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About Us

Spartan Financial Services Corp (SFSC), was created with the purpose of extending our financial services to insurance agents in Florida and Georgia. Currently, we have several agents with offices in Puerto Rico, who wanted to use our services for their insured’s in Florida and Georgia. We are a real and viable alternative. SFSC is a solid company and independently owned, with 40 years of experience and unconditional service in the field of financing miscellaneous insurance premiums through one of its affiliates, United Insurance Finance Co. Today we have impressive credentials that attest to our professionalism, commitment, seriousness and market dominance.

Our reason for being is to offer an excellent service to you as an agent and to your insured. In SFSC, we have realized the task of structuring a different company with a network of competent professionals, and we have done so. We have the best specialists who will facilitate and help you structure the best financing plan for your policyholders. This is our specialty.